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Car Diagnostics

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Find The Symptom, Fix The Problem

With the sophiscated vehicles today, it is important to have the latest computer diagnostic equipment.  When your car doesn't feel, sound or smell right, bring it to Ultimate Automotive for a thorough computerized engine analysis. Our trained mechanics will analyze the results and work together to resolve the problem.

Computer Diagnostics Detect:

  -   Ignition timing issues

  -   Engine sludge buildup

  -   Dirty air control valves

  -   Engine RPM levels

  -   Air and coolant temperatures

  -   Crank shaft and camshaft positions

  -   Engine, chassis and transmission problems

  -   ABS brake problems

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When your "Check Engine" light comes on, your car isn't trying to annoy you, it's trying to tell you something! Ignoring this 'cry for help' now could cost you big bucks later on. Don't let a potential problem snowball. Bring your vehicle to Ultimate Automotive!

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We welcome walk-ins and are open every day.

Even if your vehicle pre-dates the On Board Computer age, computer diagnostics can still be a helpful tool in solving hard-to-find issues. Let us hook it up and check it out!

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